By : le Théâtre de la Pire Espèce

Duration : 1h20

For adults and teenagers from 12 years old

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Régular : 28$

Reduced price : 18-25$ (ticket details)
Double program with Petit bonhomme en papier carbone : 50$ regular | 40$ student

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Thursday 16 February | 20h30

Friday 17 February | 20h30

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Crédits: Eugene Holtz

Lieu: L'Arène

Cet événement est passé.

Terryy cannot (or does not want to) describe his family’s origins rationally. His idiosyncratic family is larger-than-life: How else could his mother have given birth to 57 children without any divine intervention? But above all, he is fed up with his vacuous, half-bovine father and seeks some explanation for such cruel and inhumane punishment. Maybe his father was turned into a cow in order to pay for a sin committed / a mistake made by someone in his family… Terryy desperately needs to understand. He needs to figure out the all-powerful reason behind this life sentence he has been given in order to make sense of it all. Even if he has to invent the whole story to explain his family’s woes.

Creative team

Written and directed by Francis Monty | Assistant stage director Manon Claveau | Artistic collaboration Étienne Blanchette | Technical direction, production and stage management Clémence Doray | Technical direction Nicolas Fortin | Scenography Julie Vallée-Léger | Original music Mathieu Doyon | Stage management Jonathan Cusson | Illustrations Francis Monty and Julie Vallée-Léger | Lighting consultant Thomas Godefroid | Performed by Etienne Blanchette | Production Théâtre de la Pire Espèce

About the company

Since 1999, La Pire Espèce has been borrowing techniques from different disciplines such as puppetry, theatre of objects, clowning, cabaret and street theatre. By exploring the creative process, it explores stage conventions and the rules of dramatic narration, and seeks to establish a close complicity with the audience.

La Pire Espèce is also twenty six original works, one exhibition, two street theatre pieces, seven cabarets and more than 1800 performances. Half of that number was performed abroad during recurrent tours in Europe and around the world. Its work include also five Spanish translations, nine English translations, a Korean translation, a Portuguese translation and a bold adaptation for both the deaf and the non-hearing impaired, seven co-productions in Quebec and in Europe and several professional workshops for theatre artists and teachers.

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About the show

This work echoes an earlier play, Leon the Zero co-produced in 2005 with Théâtre Bouches Décousues and the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. Terryy, Leon’s brother, is the main character in this new story and his take on the meaning of family is quite different. Whereas Leon tried to free himself from his mother’s apron strings, Terryy, a little carbon copy boy with a dark and dirty history, wants to get rid of his father, a man-cow with a slow and awkward gait who is afraid of everything and doesn’t do much. A useless father.

Press and media

For all media and press requests, please contact Isabelle Bleau, press relations officer:
Phone: 514 933-2523 / Mobile: 514 992-8319